I just can’t keep taking in this violence on animals.

Yesterday during ‘Ghandi x’ Nghid‘ we (Lawyer Katia Mercieca, Producer Brian Manning, Department of Animal Welfare Official  Manuel Buhagiar and myself) had a very interesting debate on animal welfare, the Animal Welfare Act per se, the role of the Judiciary, the role of schools and the general public – and yet again within 24 hours PBS News reports another violent incident – and it only seems to get worse.

This is not only bad because there was violence on an animal but once again the abuser surpassed him/herself in the way this creature was eliminated.

On one hand I just can’t untangle the distorted mind-set a person must have to be able to arrive at this point and on the other hand this is just too much and too sickening.


7 thoughts on “Violence Against Dogs, Once Again!

  1. The criminal behind such a barbaric act was definitely after media coverage, which unfortunately s/he got, complete with graphic images during the prime-time news report on national station!! At this point I’m beginning to question the role the media is playing in this vicious situation…


  2. Cruelty to animals can never be justified.
    and if this reflects on us as a society,
    then today we must have truly surpassed ourselves 😦

    Until recently I thought we were only cruel to people:
    We are still pretty good at locking up kids;
    at writing them off, after we adults fail them;
    at placing the more vulnerable in the hands of those
    who make this out to be their job,
    who are somehow eager to look after them,
    without first checking on their suitability;
    without requiring any qualifications;
    without vetting the ‘care systems’
    they set in place and operate…

    Weren’t we rightly moved with pity for Star…
    but surely, where are our priorities?
    As a society we still abandon these youngsters.
    We are simply more discreet in going about it.
    And the authorities… alas they have no choice
    but to improve things SLOWLY…
    because kids on the margins of society
    are now less of a priority than birds and animals
    in our collective agenda,
    and pressure groups lobby the politicians
    to further their causes, as is to be expected.
    Their agenda.

    We are roused and hold marches and candle vigils
    to avenge the rights of animals, and rightly so…
    but not for youngsters on the edges.
    For how long can we afford
    not to look close enough at what we are perpetuating?
    For this is our truth: in this society
    you need a licence to prepare a sandwich
    yet no formal requirements exist for those
    who are put in charge of abused kids;
    Inspectors come to check our bars and kitchens
    but no one ever checks the systems we put
    in place to ‘care’ for children and young people.

    Today someone crucified a loyal pet and we raised our eyebrows,
    yet every day we close our eyes to the needs of youngsters
    who rely on our love, guidance and vigilance.
    And who have no one else to depend upon.
    We have ‘gone to the dogs’ without even realising it…

    Maybe not ‘we’.
    But it is always ‘someone’.
    One of us.
    Or all.


  3. “I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”

    Mother Teresa

    I suggest we start focusing on the love and the beauty of these creatures instead of focusing on the abuse, violence and the abuser… as this great woman once said.


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